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Playing it fair… and green.

playing hide and seek Yaky strongly believes in the right of minors to fully enjoy their childhood and have the easiest possible access to quality education. Yaky deplores the exploitation of children and employs its workforce on the basis of fair labor agreements.

Yaky loves children playing hide and seek in and out of its giant yakyroots.

hope for a greener planet Yaky could not be any greener than this.

Take reproductions and custom made furniture, for example.

Reproducing traditional Chinese and Asian furniture is a fully natural process that relies on skillful craftsmen using exclusively traditional materials: hard wood, brass, shellac, mordant, natural lacquer, Rattan — and the same is true for commissioned pieces based on original designs, tailored to fit the most demanding customers' needs.

Not a single shrub has ever been cut to produce a Yaky piece. Wood is regularly extracted from demolished Chinese traditional houses being demolished to comply with new town planning schemes.

Not only are aged woods less vulnerable to humidity and other agents of deterioration; producing brand new, gorgeous furniture leaves virtually no environmental footprint at all.